6 Essential HVAC Tips for Summer

Summer is almost here, and it’s going to get really hot in central Indiana. The last thing you want is for your AC to break down in July. As an employer, you definitely don’t want your employees working in a sweltering office.

Before summer arrives, it’s important to check and maintain your HVAC system to ensure it works properly. If you wait until summer, you might end up without air conditioning for several days while waiting for a technician. Follow these six tips to make sure your HVAC unit is ready for the summer heat!

Here Are Essential HVAC Tips for Summer

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Schedule Preventative AC Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your HVAC system running smoothly is by scheduling regular maintenance with a pro technician. It’s a good idea to have at least one maintenance appointment every year. Spring is the best time to do this since technicians are more available.

In the summer, technicians are swamped with emergency repairs, so you might end up waiting a bit longer to get your AC fixed. But if you schedule maintenance in the spring, you can dodge that hassle.

Preventative maintenance usually takes about 20 minutes if everything is in working order. If the technician finds any problems that need repair, the appointment might take longer. It’s better to find out about any issues in the spring rather than in the middle of a heatwave.

Change or Clean Air Filters

Air filters are super important for keeping your energy bills in check and making sure the air in your home is top-notch. When your HVAC system is up and running, these filters trap all the dust, dirt, pet hair, and other gunk floating around. But here’s the thing – if you don’t switch them out regularly, they get all clogged up and make your system work overtime.

How often you need to change your filter depends on your lifestyle. If you have pets, you’ll need to change it more often. Generally, you should check your filter once a month. If there are a lot of particles in the air or someone in your home has asthma, you might need to change it more frequently. Keep track of when you change the filter so you don’t forget.

Inspect Ducts and Vents

Spring is the perfect time to check your ducts and vents to make sure they’re clean. Dirty ducts and vents can stop your HVAC system from circulating clean air, which means you could be breathing in harmful particles. When your system gets clogged, it has to work harder, which means a higher utility bill for you.

First, check your vents. Look for dirt, dust, or any build-up inside or outside the vents. Clean them to ensure the air can flow freely. Make sure all vents in your home are open.

While you can clean your vents yourself, you’ll probably need a professional to clean your entire duct system. Home vacuums can’t reach all the nooks and crannies, but HVAC technicians have the right equipment for the job. They can also spot any problems with your ducts, like leaks or damage.

Ensuring your ducts and vents are clean before summer helps prevent emergency maintenance needs. Plus, you’re more likely to get quick service in the spring when demand for HVAC services is lower.

Check and Clear the Drainage Line

Your AC unit produces moisture as it cools the air, which exits through a drainage pipe. This pipe can get blocked over time, preventing your unit from reducing humidity in your home. Regularly check your drainage line and clean it with a shop vacuum.

Clear Out Obstructions in the Condenser Unit

The AC condenser helps cool your home by releasing collected heat. Check your outdoor unit to see if the condenser has any debris, like leaves or plants, blocking it. Check it at least twice a month to ensure it’s clear and can effectively remove hot air from your home.

Check Your Thermostat

If your HVAC system isn’t working right, check the thermostat. It might be broken and not reading the temperature correctly, so it won’t signal the system to turn on when it gets too hot. A professional technician can help calibrate your thermostat.

Consider switching to a programmable thermostat. These allow you to control your home’s temperature more precisely. You can set different temperatures for different times of the day to save money. For example, you can set it to be warmer when no one is home and cooler just before you return.

JMI Mechanical Can Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is a time for fun, but it can get uncomfortably hot without air conditioning. The professional technicians at JMI Mechanical can help with all your HVAC needs. We’ve been helping families for over 40 years, and our staff is well-trained to maintain and repair your cooling system.

From regular tune-ups to major repairs, JMI Mechanical has you covered. Learn more about how we can help you beat the summer heat, and contact us today!

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