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Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts

The Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract (GESC) program in Indiana, initiated by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance, is available to various governmental and municipal units. This includes local government units such as counties, cities, towns, and townships; school corporations; public libraries; public safety agencies; and state agencies. These entities can utilize GESCs to finance energy-saving projects, with the costs covered by the savings generated from reduced energy consumption. However, GESCs are not available for non-governmental or private organizations. Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts (GESC) is a performance-based procurement and financing mechanism that leverages maintenance, operations, and utility savings achieved through the installation of energy conservation measures and renewable energy measures to finance the cost of the facility upgrades.  JMI Mechanical, Inc. provides this service through our sister company Innovasol.

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts


5610 Dividend Rd

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Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts


5610 Dividend Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46241

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Gesc structure Typical Energy Conservation Measures

• Upgrade to high-efficiency boilers and chillers
• HVAC system optimization
• Upgrade HVAC controls
• Install LED lighting
• Building envelope improvements
• Install heat recovery equipment
• Water conservation
• Solar PV and battery storage systems

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts - Jmi Mechanical

Who Qualifies for GESC?

In Indiana, the Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract (GESC) program is available to various governmental units, including:

1. Local Government Units:
This includes counties, cities, towns, and townships.

2. School Corporations:
Public school districts can participate in the GESC program.

3. Public Libraries:
Libraries serving the public in Indiana are eligible.

4. Public Safety Agencies: Entities like police and fire departments can qualify.

5. State Agencies:
Various departments and agencies at the state level can also engage in GESCs.

These entities can use GESCs to finance energy-saving projects, with the costs covered by the savings generated from reduced energy consumption.

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts - Jmi Mechanical


1. Cost Savings:  Municipalities reduce their energy consumption and operating costs. By implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices, municipalities can achieve significant cost savings over the contract term.

2. Guaranteed Savings: One of the key features of GESCs is that they guarantee a certain level of energy and cost savings. JMI commits to achieving specific performance targets, and if these targets are not met, they may be required to compensate the municipality for the shortfall.

3. No Upfront Costs: GESCs often allow municipalities to implement energy efficiency measures without upfront capital investment. JMI typically covers the initial costs of the project, and the municipality pays for the project over time through the realized energy savings.

4. Infrastructure Improvements: GESCs provide an opportunity for municipalities to upgrade and modernize their infrastructure. This may include improvements to lighting systems, HVAC systems, building envelopes, and other energy-consuming assets.

5. Environmental Benefits: By using GESCs to improve energy efficiency, the municipality can lower its greenhouse gas emissions and help the environment. This shows that the municipality cares about sustainability and being eco-friendly.

6. Risk Transfer: JMI guarantees the energy efficiency results. If the savings fall short of the target, JMI may have to pay the difference. The municipality can relax knowing that JMI bears the risk.

7. Long-Term Partnership:  The municipality and Innovation have worked together on GESCs for a long time. They keep checking, fixing, and improving the energy systems even after they are set up.

8. Job Creation: When the municipality does energy efficiency projects, it can hire more people from the area. These people can work on planning, setting up, and taking care of the energy systems. This way, the projects can benefit the local economy and the environment.

9. Compliance with Regulations: Some places have rules or plans that want or need the municipalities to use less energy. GESCs are a good way for municipalities to follow these rules or plans. They can also save money and help the planet by using GESCs.

10. Improved Public Facilities: Upgrading municipal facilities through GESCs can lead to improved comfort, safety, and functionality. This can positively impact the experience of citizens using public buildings and spaces

Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts - Jmi Mechanical

Steps To Achieve Savings

1. Facility Intake Interview:

JMI and partners will interview key facility personnel to gather baseline data on energy consumption and major equipment. This will enable the creation of an on-site auditing roadmap. Use The FREE Audit Form Below to see if you qualify.

2. Request for Qualifications

Public entities must follow specific guidelines when selecting a contractor through a Request for Qualification process. This ensures a thorough evaluation of candidates’ qualifications .

3. Facility Energy Audit

Our engineers and energy managers will thoroughly analyze each facility to determine which ECMs make the most sense for optimal energy savings.

4. ECM Implementation

Once the customer agrees to the ECMs, JMI will engineer each project to determine guaranteed savings. JMI’s project managers will then construct and manage these design for client satisfaction.

5. Measure and Verification

To ensure success, JMI will measure and verify actual savings from monthly utility bills compared to the guarantees put in place during the contract.

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