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Bryant is a trusted name in the world of heating and cooling systems. It was started by a guy named Charles Bryant in 1904. For more than a century, they’ve been known for making dependable products that keep your home’s temperature just right.

Know More About Bryant

The company is always thinking of new ways to improve their equipment. They’re part of a bigger group called Carrier. By sharing their smart ideas and experiences, Bryant makes sure that everything they sell is top-notch and does a great job.

So, when you pick something from Bryant, you’re choosing a piece of history. Their stuff has been tested over time, and they work with Carrier to bring the best of the best to your home. This means you can count on Bryant to keep you comfortable, no matter the season.

Commercial Solutions

Bryant is a company that makes stuff to help control the temperature in buildings. So, if you’re a person who owns a business and need to cool down a large workspace in summer, Bryant can help. They have lots of different products, so they can find the right one for what you need. Plus, JMI Mechanical is a service provider for Bryant, offering expertise in HVAC maintenance and repair. They can help set up and maintain these systems, ensuring your space always has the perfect temperature with Bryant.

Heating and

Air Conditioners
Bryant makes air conditioners that work really well and last a long time. They have different models to fit what you need and what you can afford.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps are devices that can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They perform most efficiently in regions with moderate climates, where it’s not excessively hot or cold.

Bryant makes furnaces to keep you cozy when it’s really cold outside. They have ones that run on gas and ones that run on oil, so there’s something for everyone.

Ductless Systems
If your house doesn’t have ducts (the big tubes that carry air around), Bryant has special systems that can still heat or cool your home efficiently.

Bryant makes boilers that give you steady and efficient heat so your home stays warm and comfy.

Evaporator Coils
These work with your air conditioner or heat pump to cool and dry the air in your home.

Fan Coils
Fan coil units work with a heat pump or air conditioner to heat or cool your home efficiently.

Gas Furnaces
Bryant’s gas furnaces are strong and save energy, which is why a lot of people like them.

Geothermal Heat Pumps
These special heat pumps use heat from the ground to heat or cool your home in an efficient and eco-friendly way.

Oil Furnaces
If you prefer to use oil for heating, Bryant has oil furnaces that work really well.

Packaged Products
Bryant makes units that have everything you need for heating and cooling in one box. This is great if you don’t have a lot of space.

Single-phase VRF
This is a special system that Bryant makes. It can heat or cool your small business flexibly and efficiently. It works by controlling the flow of refrigerant, which is a substance used in air conditioners and refrigerators.

Thermostats and Air Quality

Bryant makes devices called thermostats. These help you control how warm or cool your house is.

Smart Thermostats
They also make something called smart thermostats. These are really cool because you can control them from anywhere. They can even learn your habits and show you how much energy you’re using.

Evolution Connex
The best thermostat they make is iBryant’s Evolution Connex. This one gives you lots of control and connects to other devices for the best comfort and efficiency.

Air Quality Solutions
Bryant makes products that help keep the air in your home clean and good for your health.

Air Purifiers
These are machines that catch and get rid of things in the air that can make you sick, making the air inside your home better to breathe.

Carbon Air Purifiers
Bryant also makes special air purifiers that use something called activated carbon. This helps to get rid of smells and harmful chemicals in the air.

These are devices that add water to the air inside your home. This can make you feel more comfortable, especially during the winter when the air can get really dry.

On the other hand, Bryant makes dehumidifiers, too. These take water out of the air. This can help stop things like mold and mildew from growing in your home.

Bryant ventilators help by bringing in fresh air from outside and moving it around your home. This helps to improve the quality of the air you breathe.

CO Alarms
Bryant makes alarms that can detect a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide. If there’s any of this gas in your home, the alarm will let you know so you can stay safe.

UV Lamps
Lastly, Bryant makes UV lamps. These can kill bacteria and mold that might grow inside your heating and cooling system. This helps to keep the air in your home cleaner.

Bryant HVAC Services

Bryant is a company that makes lots of different products to help control the temperature and air quality in homes and businesses. They’re always coming up with new ideas, and their stuff works really well and lasts a long time. This has made them a top company in their field. They can help make your home or business comfortable and give you peace of mind. Whether you need to heat or cool your space or clean the air, Bryant has what you need. Plus, JMI Mechanical is Bryant’s service provider. They can help set up and take care of these systems for you.

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