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Cleaver-Brooks, your premier destination for top-quality boiler solutions and cutting-edge technology in the industrial and commercial sectors. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, Cleaver-Brooks is your trusted partner for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable boiler systems.

Know More About Cleaver-Brooks

Cleaver-Brooks is a big name in the heating world, starting way back in the 1920s. They know a lot about making things that heat up buildings and water, like boilers, and they do it in a way that doesn’t waste much energy. This makes them a favorite for companies that need good heating without spending too much money or hurting the planet.

They offer a bunch of different heaters and services that make sure places like schools, hospitals, and factories stay warm and cozy. Cleaver-Brooks is all about creating heaters that don’t waste energy or money and are safe for the air we breathe. They’re a smart pick for any business that wants to keep their building warm in a smart way.

Making Warmth and Saving Power

Since they started, Cleaver-Brooks has been leading the way with innovative heating solutions. They’re always looking ahead, finding new ways to make their products even better and more efficient. With their commitment to quality and sustainability, Cleaver-Brooks is dedicated to helping businesses heat their spaces while also taking care of our planet.

Burners and Controls

Cleaver-Brooks Burners

Cleaver-Brooks makes different kinds of burners that work really well and save energy. They have a bunch to choose from, depending on what you need.

Burners Control System

They also create burner control systems that work together with their burners. These systems have cool features that make the burners run better and easier to use.

Boiler Systems

Cleaver-Brooks Firetube Heaters

Cleaver-Brooks makes a variety of firetube heaters, which are like big tubes where fire heats up water to warm buildings. They make sure these heaters work really well and don’t waste energy.

Watertube Heaters

They also have watertube heaters, which are another kind of heater where water travels through tubes that are heated up. These are strong and can be used in different ways, making them handy for lots of jobs.

Electric Heaters

Cleaver-Brooks has heaters that run on electricity, too. They’re known for not using too much power and can fit into all sorts of places.

Heating Solutions

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Cleaver-Brooks’ HRSG systems are made to save heat from one process and use it in another, which helps industries save energy and money.

Waste Heat Boilers

Cleaver-Brooks makes special boilers that use leftover heat really well. This means they don’t waste energy, which is great for businesses that want to help the planet.

Boiler Room Solutions

Deaerators and Feedwater Systems

Cleaver-Brooks’ deaerators are important because they take out harmful gases from water, which keeps boilers safe and clean. Their feedwater systems are also cool because they make sure the boiler gets the right amount of clean water, which helps it work better and last longer.

Water Treatment Systems

Their water treatment systems are super important, too. They clean the water before it goes into the boiler, which means the boiler can heat things up without getting damaged. This helps the boiler stay efficient, which saves energy and money and makes sure it can keep working for a long time.

Saving Energy

Cleaver-Brooks’ High-Efficiency Products

Cleaver-Brooks cares a lot about saving energy. They make products that don’t use too much power, which is good for both the planet and your wallet because it means less energy used and lower bills.

Emissions Control

They also work on ways to make their products cleaner for the air. This means they’re making heaters and boilers that don’t pollute as much, which is great for keeping our air clean and fits with what people want nowadays – more eco-friendly stuff.

Service and Support

Cleaver-Brooks’ Installation Services

Cleaver-Brooks doesn’t just sell heaters and boilers; they help put them in, too. They make sure everything is set up right for businesses, big and small, so the heating systems work perfectly from the start.

Maintenance and Repair

JMI provides comprehensive Cleaver-Brooks HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services. Additionally, they offer maintenance plans to ensure ongoing care for their installed products. These plans include regular check-ups and timely repairs to ensure uninterrupted operation and smooth functioning.

Customer Support

If you ever have questions or need assistance, Cleaver-Brooks has a dedicated team ready to provide answers and support. They are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and making sure you have everything you need.

Similarly, if you have any questions or require help, JMI also has a dedicated team prepared to assist you. They are focused on ensuring their customers are happy and have all the resources they need.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC Solutions

Custom HVAC Solutions

Cleaver-Brooks knows that every business is different, so they make special heating and cooling systems that fit exactly what each business needs. This means businesses can get just the right system to keep their spaces comfortable without wasting energy.

Turnkey Solutions

They’re also really good at handling big projects from start to finish. This is super helpful for companies that need a lot of heating and cooling stuff set up because Cleaver-Brooks takes care of everything, making it all go smoothly.

We Work On All HVAC Types And Brands

Our trained technicians provide guaranteed HVAC repair and maintenance. We service systems from Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Daikin, York, AAON, Goodman, LG, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Cleaver-Brooks, Lochinvar, and more. Call JMI for the reliable HVAC repair and maintenance services Indianapolis residents count on.


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