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Lennox is a well-known company that’s been around for over a century. It all started with Dave Lennox in 1895 in Marshalltown, Iowa. From the start, Lennox was all about creating better heating and cooling systems—that’s what HVAC means.

Know More About Lennox

Over the years, Lennox has grown to be a big deal in the HVAC world. They’re famous for their commitment to quality and efficiency. Their products are designed to make sure customers are satisfied and comfortable in their homes or offices.

Nowadays, Lennox is a name people trust for top-notch HVAC solutions. Their success is a result of their continuous innovation and the hard work they’ve put in since the very beginning. Choosing Lennox means choosing a legacy of excellence in making your space the perfect temperature.

Commercial HVAC Solutions

JMI Mechanical excels in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services, providing expert solutions for heating, cooling, and air quality needs. They work with Lennox, a company that makes a bunch of different products for both homes and businesses. Whether you need to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer, or just want the air in your house to be cleaner, Lennox has something that can help. And the best part? JMI Mechanical can get it all set up for you. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home or business more comfortable, give JMI Mechanical a call. They’ll be able to find a Lennox product that’s just right for you. Remember, no matter what your heating, cooling, or air quality needs are, JMI Mechanical and Lennox have got you covered. So why wait? Reach out to JMI Mechanical today! They’re ready to help make your space the best it can be.

Heating and

Air Conditioners
These cool your place down and are good at saving energy.

Air Handlers
These work with your heating and cooling system to move the air around your place.

Heat Pumps
Heat pumps are cool because they can both heat and cool your place, so you can use them all year.

These keep your place warm when it’s cold outside.

If you have a radiant heating system (that’s a fancy way of saying it heats your place by warming up the floors or walls), Lennox boilers can help distribute the heat evenly.

Packaged Units
Lennox’s packaged units are all-in-one systems that heat, cool, and sometimes clean the air in your home. They’re perfect for small spaces and keep your place comfortable.

Garage Heaters
Lennox garage heaters provide consistent warmth, making your garage a pleasant workspace all year round. They’re dependable, and JMI Mechanical can help with setup and upkeep.

Mini-Split Systems
Lennox mini-split systems let you control the temperature in each room individually, ensuring everyone gets their ideal comfort level. It’s personalized climate control for your home.

Thermostats and Air Quality

Thermostats and Zoning
Lennox thermostats are like your home’s brain for temperature. They let you pick the perfect warmth or coolness for each part of your house. This means you can have different temperatures in different rooms. Plus, they help you save energy. So, you’re not just comfy but also doing good for your wallet and the planet!

Air Quality Solutions

Air Purifiers
These are like big vacuum cleaners for the air. They suck in the air and filter out all the tiny particles that you can’t see but can make you sick or trigger allergies. This leaves the air in your room cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Humidity Control
These are devices that help keep the amount of moisture in the air just right. If the air is too dry, it can make your skin and throat feel dry and uncomfortable. If it’s too damp, it can cause mold and other problems. Lennox’s humidity control solutions help keep the air from being too dry or too damp.

These are like sieves that catch dust, pollen, and other tiny particles as the air flows through them. This helps keep the air in your room clean and also helps protect your heating and cooling system from getting clogged up with dust and dirt.

These are devices that help keep the air in your room fresh by swapping out stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. This helps keep the air in your room from getting stuffy and promotes a healthier indoor environment.

Lennox – Reliable HVAC Appliance Manufacturer

Lennox is a trusted name in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. They provide innovative solutions for heating, cooling, and improving the quality of the air in your home or office. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, Lennox’s products are designed to make you more comfortable, save energy, and give you peace of mind. They’re all about helping you breathe easier and live better. And remember, if you need service for your Lennox products, JMI Mechanical is here to help! They’re a trusted service provider for Lennox and Bryant HVAC products. So you can count on them to keep your Lennox systems running smoothly.

We Work On All HVAC Types And Brands

Our trained technicians provide guaranteed HVAC repair and maintenance. We service systems from Trane, Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Daikin, York, AAON, Goodman, LG, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Cleaver-Brooks, Lochinvar, and more. Call JMI for the reliable HVAC repair and maintenance services Indianapolis residents count on.


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