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Back in 1988, a company called AAON started. They make special systems that heat and cool buildings, which are called HVAC systems. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. AAON is really good at creating new ways to make these systems smarter and better for both houses and big buildings like offices.

Know More About AAON

AAON was created to improve heating and cooling systems. They’ve become one of the top companies in this area. They work on inventing new things to make sure that whether it’s hot or cold outside, inside your home or office feels just right.

This company is famous for building really good HVAC systems and always trying to make them even better. They use the latest tech to make sure these systems are efficient, which means they do a great job without wasting energy. This is cool because it means people can be comfortable without spending too much on their energy bills.

Commercial Applications

AAON is a company that makes special systems to control the temperature in buildings. These systems are called HVAC, which is short for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. They put these systems in many places, like where people work, learn, get better when they’re sick, and live.

What’s cool about AAON’s systems is that they’re really reliable. This means they work well all the time without breaking down. They also don’t use a lot of electricity, which is good for your wallet and the planet. Plus, they’re made to fit exactly what each building needs. So, whether it’s a big office or a cozy house, AAON has the right system for it.

AAON’s HVAC systems are famous because they last a long time and help keep the air clean. They’re designed to be just right for each place. For example, a school might need a system different from that of a hospital. AAON thinks about this and makes sure each system is perfect for where it’s going.

By using the latest technology, AAON makes sure that their HVAC systems are not only top-notch but also kind to the environment. This means they help us take care of our world while keeping us comfy, no matter the weather outside.

Heating and Cooling Solutions

Packaged Rooftop Units: AAON’s packaged rooftop units are versatile solutions for commercial spaces, providing efficient heating and cooling from a single unit installed on building rooftops.

Split Systems: Ideal for smaller commercial applications and residential buildings, AAON’s split systems offer flexibility and energy efficiency by separating the indoor and outdoor components of the HVAC system.

Air Handling Units: AAON’s air handling units are integral to large-scale HVAC systems, ensuring optimal air distribution and filtration for enhanced indoor air quality.

Air-Source Heat Pumps: Air-source heat pumps are machines made by AAON that help keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They work by moving heat from inside to outside or the other way around, depending on the weather.

Water-Source Heat Pumps: Suitable for buildings with water loop systems, AAON’s water-source heat pumps offer efficient heating and cooling by utilizing water as a heat exchange medium.

Condensing Units: AAON’s condensing units are essential components in HVAC systems, designed to condense refrigerant vapors into liquid form for effective cooling.

Self-Contained Systems: Compact and efficient, AAON’s self-contained HVAC systems integrate all components into a single unit, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Geothermal Heat Pumps: Harnessing renewable geothermal energy, AAON’s geothermal heat pumps provide sustainable heating and cooling solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Controls: AAON integrates advanced control systems into their HVAC products, allowing precise management of temperature, humidity, and air quality parameters for optimized performance.

Indoor Air Quality Enhancements

Maintaining superior indoor air quality is paramount in both commercial and residential environments served by AAON HVAC systems.

In conclusion, AAON continues to lead the HVAC industry with innovative solutions tailored to diverse applications. Their commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability underscores their prominence in providing reliable HVAC systems for modern buildings.

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