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Honeywell’s Legacy in HVAC Since 1906, Honeywell has been a leader in developing heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Their commitment to innovation ensures efficient, reliable, and energy-saving products that cater to diverse needs.

Know More About Honeywell

Building on a rich heritage of over a century, Honeywell has continuously evolved with the changing demands of the HVAC industry. Their extensive product line includes advanced thermostats that allow precise temperature control, air purifiers that improve indoor air quality, and a range of other smart home devices designed to enhance comfort and convenience. Honeywell’s solutions are not only geared towards improving user experience but also aim to reduce environmental impact through sustainable practices and technologies.

Honeywell’s dedication to excellence is evident in their rigorous research and development process. They have pioneered technologies that have set industry standards, such as their Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats and environmentally friendly refrigerants. By focusing on customer-centric innovation, Honeywell has maintained its position at the forefront of the HVAC industry, providing systems that deliver superior performance, optimal comfort, and significant energy savings.

Keeping Places Comfortable with Heating and Cooling

Honeywell offers a wide range of HVAC systems designed to enhance comfort, efficiency, and air quality. From cutting-edge heating systems to advanced air purifiers, Honeywell products are engineered to deliver optimal performance.


Air Conditioners
Honeywell’s air conditioners are renowned for their ability to efficiently cool spaces while minimizing energy consumption. They feature user-friendly controls, remote access options, and quiet operation, ensuring comfort without compromise.

Heat Pumps
Honeywell heat pumps provide both cooling and heating capabilities, utilizing innovative technology to maintain ideal temperatures throughout the year with minimal energy use.

Cooling Systems
Honeywell’s cooling systems are engineered for peak performance, delivering consistent cooling in any environment.

Packaged Systems
Honeywell’s packaged systems integrate all components into a single unit, offering space-saving solutions without sacrificing efficiency or comfort.

Ductless Systems
Honeywell’s ductless air conditioning systems provide flexible cooling solutions for spaces where traditional ductwork isn’t feasible, ensuring precise temperature control and energy efficiency.


Heating Units
Honeywell offers a variety of heating units designed to provide efficient and reliable warmth during colder months.

Honeywell furnaces are known for their energy efficiency and durability, available in different models to suit various requirements and budgets.

Heat Pumps
In addition to cooling, Honeywell heat pumps efficiently provide heating, offering versatility and year-round comfort.

Heating Systems
Honeywell’s heating systems are built to ensure comfort and reliability even in the coldest climates, providing consistent warmth throughout your space.

Packaged Systems
Honeywell’s packaged heating systems combine heating and cooling functionalities in a compact and efficient unit.

Ductless Systems
Honeywell’s ductless heating systems offer flexible heating solutions for spaces without existing ductwork, providing precise temperature control and energy savings.

Air Quality


Honeywell filters effectively remove dust, pollen, and other airborne particles, enhancing overall air quality in homes and businesses.

Air Purification

Honeywell air purification systems utilize state-of-the-art technology to eliminate harmful particles, ensuring cleaner and healthier indoor environments.

Humidity Control

Honeywell’s humidity control solutions help maintain optimal humidity levels, preventing mold growth and enhancing comfort.




Honeywell offers a range of thermostats for seamless HVAC system control.

Smart Thermostats

Honeywell smart thermostats enable remote control of heating and cooling systems via smartphones or internet-connected devices, enhancing convenience and energy savings.

Zoning Systems

Honeywell zoning systems allow independent temperature control in different areas, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency.

Commercial HVAC Services

Honeywell provides comprehensive HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, and repair for homes and businesses. Their expert team ensures peak performance and reliability year-round.

Honeywell HVAC: Setting the Standard

Honeywell remains a trusted name in HVAC, offering innovative solutions that prioritize comfort, efficiency, and air quality. Whether for residential or commercial use, Honeywell products and services are designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring environments are comfortable and healthy.

JMI Mechanical is your trusted partner for servicing Honeywell systems, providing expert installation and maintenance to optimize your HVAC performance.

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