Building Automation and Controls

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Smart Buildings Need Smart Controls

Our company has a lot of experience in making buildings smart. They use different kinds of systems and controls that can adjust to different situations. As an illustration, smart systems can adjust temperature, control lighting, secure entrances, and even raise an alarm in case of fire. Their purpose is to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of individuals within the premises.

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How We Make Buildings Smarter

Easy to Use and Flexible Solutions
The main thing that we offer is easy-to-use and flexible building automation systems. These systems can connect different parts of the building, like HVAC, lighting, security, and detection systems, on one platform. This means that people can see and control everything from one place. This helps them make better decisions that improve comfort, safety, and productivity.

Big and Complex Buildings Metasys, Facility Explorer, and HVAC Controls
We can handle big and complex buildings like offices, factories, or schools. They use powerful systems like Metasys, Facility Explorer, and HVAC Controls. These systems can make the buildings more secure, efficient, and sustainable. They can also make the buildings easier to manage and maintain.

Amazing Results and Cutting-Edge Automation

The systems that we provide can do amazing things and change the way buildings work. They can do more with less, using reliable and innovative technology. They can also offer unique solutions that lower the costs of installing, maintaining, and running the systems.

Medium to Large Buildings Customized Environment Controls
For medium to large buildings, like apartments, hotels, or shops, our company provides customized environment controls. These controls can fit the specific needs of each building. They can also work with existing systems or new ones. They can make sure that the buildings are efficient and cost-effective.

Small Commercial Buildings Verasys Building Management System 

The Verasys Building Management System is a special system that our company uses for small commercial buildings like clinics, restaurants, or salons. This system is based on over 100 years of industry experience. It can provide the best building controls for these buildings. It can lower costs, improve performance, and save energy. It can also make the people in the buildings more comfortable.

building control system - JMI Mechanical
building automation - JMI Mechanical

How to Control Your Building Better

Metasys– The Best Way to Save Energy Smart Building Control System
Metasys is a system that helps you control your building better. It is used by JMI Mechanical Services, a company that knows a lot about plumbing and heating. Metasys connects different parts of your building, like heating, cooling, lighting, security, and fire alarms. It lets them talk to each other and you so you can make smart decisions.

Facility Explorer- A Powerful and Flexible System A System that Changes the Game
Facility Explorer is a system that makes building control easier and better. It can do many things and work with many buildings. It uses new and advanced devices and networks. It is faster, safer, and more reliable than other systems.

Optimize Building Management for Greater Control

EasyIO- Control Everything, Everywhere A System that is Ready for the Future
EasyIO is a system that lets you control everything in your building, from small things to big things. It is ready for the future because it can work with different kinds of technology and security. It makes your building stronger and more efficient.

Verasys- Manage Your Building Completely: A System for Smaller and Simpler Buildings
Verasys is a system that helps you manage your building completely. It is good for smaller and simpler buildings, like offices, shops, and apartments. It has smart devices and a smart hub that makes automation easy.

HVAC Controls- Reliable and Flexible A System that Works Well with Others
We also have HVAC Controls, which are parts that help you control your heating, cooling, and ventilation. They are reliable and flexible, which means they work well and can do many things. They also work well with other parts, which makes your building healthier and more efficient.

Penn Refrigeration Controls- Keep the Temperature Right: A System for Cooling and Heating
If you want to keep the temperature right in your building, you need Penn Refrigeration Controls. We make them, and we help you control the temperature, pressure, humidity, airflow, and fan speed. They are good for cooling and heating systems, like fridges, freezers, and heaters.


JMI Mechanical Services is a great company that can help you control your building better. They have many different systems, parts, and services that fit your needs. They make your building more efficient, sustainable, and comfortable. Try our today and see the difference.

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